Assorted thoughts about NYC


  • Full of contradictions, like, I just saw a woman eating from a Popeyes box, waiting for the subway, carrying a shopping bag from Gucci.
  • Everything seems to be a statement. You can’t just be you, you are nothing but a collection of labels and accessories which comply with your labels.
  • I bought into the statement thing: it’s 18:30 and I’m on the subway wearing sunglasses with a cigarette tucked behind my ear.
  • Smokers are possibly the worst kind of people alive.
  • Feels like trying to be cool is still cool here, which is odd, because nobody who is a grown up wants to be cool back home.
  • You can tell who is not a local by whether they jaywalk.
  • I have been going to the places he told me about – they feel special because I imagine him there and wonder how he felt back then – whether we feel the same.



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