A few weeks ago I visited a small town in Germany and my first reaction was negative, but then I realised that in everyday life there was not much difference from a bigger city. Big cities might have more shows, concerts, more coffee shops, but everyday life is not really dependent on these things. When finding a place to call home, the two most important things are your sense of purpose and the people around you. If either of these things don’t exist, you must give up the safety or comfort to pursue them.

It’s a new feeling for an old place. It feels like a temporary stay, stagnant – a limbo, awaiting for random events to make the decision for me. I want to pick up my phone and call those who were wise, but I know they can’t answer. I miss what we had once. I guess sometimes the feeling of irreversibility can be confused with hopelessness. In the silence after the chaos, I find myself a moment of clarity and wonder, what is next?


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