I wish I had wise words to share today but the truth is that I really don’t. The older I get, the more I realise I do not know. The search for meaninful things has yet again left me desolated. But I think not many know the solution either: people either don’t spend enough time looking to even find the question, or they find it, but some deem it irrelevant or, some, I hope, do find an answer. I happen to be one of those who found questions but was not able to reach a conclusion yet.

I think I am slowly coming to terms with things, for example, the inevitability of feeling empty from time to time. It’s okay. We all run and grind, not necessarily for something other than the motion. Inevitably, things and people will come and go. It’s not depression per say, it’s the sobering up from the illusion that one could have been more, that feelings were meant to be vivid and actions were supposed to matter.

Well, tomorrow will be 3 years until I can no longer join the 27 club.


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