Unfortunately important decisions are sometimes not the easy or obvious ones. They might even be the most unappealing, the hardest and, to add to it, not even the blatantly right ones.

If a certain solution were guaranteed to be the right one then it shouldn’t be so hard to take it. Despite the initial pain, frustration, fear, etc it may cause, one can rest assured that it was the right thing to do.

But such guarantee, is in the majority of the situations, non-existent. Then, how does one decide? I can’t give a formula or a heuristic for this. However, these are the points I consider:

– Life is unpredictable and short;
– One is ultimately responsible for their own actions – and consequences derived from those actions;
– In the grand scheme of things, it probably doesn’t matter – the only reason to make a decision is to alleviate short to medium term concerns or unconfortable situations;
– Even given the worst situations, people have found ways to cope and survive them, so you will too.


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