In the topic of hardship

Suffering had become a task on which we did not want to turn our backs. We had realized its hidden opportunities for achievement, the opportunities which caused the poet Rilke to write, “Wie viel ist aufzuleiden!” (How much suffering there is to get through!) Rilke spoke of “getting through suffering” as others would talk of “getting through work.” There was plenty of suffering for us to get through. Therefore, it was necessary to face up to the full amount of suffering, trying to keep moments of weakness and furtive tears to a minimum.

Man’s search for meaning – Viktor Frankl

It’s only the in the face of hardship, suffering, tragedy that one will be able to understand what they are made of. Surely it’s easy to be a good, respectable person when there’s only incentives for it – living in a safe, structured society where the opposite actions are reprimandable. It’s only in situation where you expect the soul to break, to be soiled, that one can grasp the strength, goodness and admirable traits in themselves. On the other hand, we can also have a glimpse at how weak and morally flawed we can be.


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