On taking risks and the future

Truly understanding #YOLO is a beautiful thing. Let me elaborate.

I am currently 23 and I realised that there won’t be another time in the future where it will be more optimal to take risks and to fuck up real bad.

The more someone grows, the less they are an individual and the more they become part of a collective entity, if one abides to the social contract of growing up. Allow me to illustrate through an hypothetical scenario: imagine I became insolvent at the age of 17. The amount of people who would be affected would be myself exclusively. At the age of 23, it would still be just myself. But in the future, when I have a family or external obligations, becoming insolvent would inevitably affect these people too.

It’s how generally things go – as one gets older, the more responsibilities and influence on others they tend to have. At some point, people have a family of their own, old parents to care for, an ill dog, a mortgage to pay, whatever one’s heart most desires. Thus, the more constrained in action they might become (if they care about minimizing negative influence on others).

So, what this means in the practical sense is that while I am not still living for others, it is high time to make selfish decisions, take actions, to pursue dreams or to take risks if necessary, because at some point the cufflings, black tie and suit will impose themselves on me, and I will become another part of the self made collective entity of being a grown-up.


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