Creative process

Today I tried to draw. When I was younger, I used to draw a lot – just things I saw or from my imagination. But quickly I was told a good artist is not the one who draws well but the one who says something through their drawings. Nowadays I find myself trying to draw something with a meaning. Of course, I still think they should somewhat aesthetically pleasing, but there is more to it than nice artwork – rather, the message matters more. I try to think of the ones I admire – Magritte, Kandinsky, Dali, Beksinki, Munch, etc…

One of the last paintings that stuck on my memory was “Dead Child” by Stancic. ( To me there is something painful and disturbing about this painting, the contrast between the soft warm pallete and the concept portraited but you know, I hate talking about paintings because I think it’s a personal thing and I inevitably end of listening to my own words spat out in some attempt of showing understanding and verbalising things that I can’t verbalise that well. Another painting I recall causing a tremendous impression on me was by Paul Cezanne, named “Old woman with a rosary” (

I attribute the quality of a “good painting” to the feelings they cause in me. Of course, for instance, Leonardo Da Vinci’s works on anatomy ( are absolutely brilliant but it’s a different kind of admiration – towards the technical side and scientific genius. Same for a few of the artists I mentioned above – I admire them for their technical ability and composition but not necessarily for the in between lines message.

I find it extremely hard to paint something that has some extraordinary meaning and when I consciously try to do it, it feels rather fake. I have the often feeling that these concepts I try approach are overly exploited and overused. Love, death, pain, moral, what else? I suppose good concepts don’t just appear without any attempt. Having seen Miroslav Sutej’s exhibition opened my eyes to the hard work of artists who take art seriously, by seeing his attempts after attempts to capture a good enough piece. When I was younger I decided to do science because I thought art was too linear and easy – perhaps now I can see the challenges here and moreover, the similarities in the process of coming up with something new, between art and science.


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