I stand motionless and admire the skyline of this unpolluted metropolis, breathing in and taking in all the insignificance of life.
There’s this crushing loneliness that sometimes I feel. The sudden rediscovery that beyond this beautiful starry night we are singular individuals, alone in this universe. Might sound dramatic, but it really isn’t. Our minds are amazing things and we are capable of brilliant creations. But in the end, life is just pain and suffering. The thing is, this is not sad, dramatic nor even new. Perhaps the remarkable thing is; even if our individual existence is just a drop in the middle of an ocean of other tiny drops, forming this purposeless uncoordinated mass of things, rubbing against each other, and moreover, whatever pain and suffering life represents, it’s our conscious choice to keep existing despite the complete nonsense and pointlessness of our existence. This, in itself, makes life stunningly beautiful. Against all better judgement, we consciously choose to carry on and love our insignificant existence.


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