On the subject of moving

Cliché or not, in the end all the things we keep second guessing and the opportunities we choose to pass off due to fear, caution or conformism are wasted chances that could make one’s life more exciting, more full. What I fear is that in the end, I will regret not having done enough: not having experienced things and people fully. It’s said that one of the biggest regrets of the dying is not having lived life like they wanted to: abandoned dreams, people for the sake of safety or comfort.

But, am I doing the right thing, wanting to be awake for too long, to keep meeting new people, to keep moving around, to go to unknown places, to never settling down? Or are these the wishes of someone who is unsatisfied with their life, someone who needs constant change to avoid having to deal with introspection? Am I over compensating with quantity because of lack of quality? I don’t know.

A lot of my friends don’t feel the need for this constant change, hectic lifestyle and I used to think I was more right than they were, being able to easily abandon a place and restart fresh somewhere else, but maybe that just reflects the fact that they are  satisfied with what they have and who they are. That maybe if I were, too, I would be just as calm? What I mean is, maybe in the long run, what I will regret the most will be having given up on places, things and people only for the sake of this constant search for novelty.


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  1. deepWater

    The way to finally arrive at the point that you found your peace is individual. The search for the final truth does not end, it is a constant process. The day you find peace and love, you will know.

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