Fucking pretentious shit. I bash these keys trying to write something that sounds decent. Literary accessories to keep the public from realizing the low quality of such texts. Great technique. It’s like when you fuck someone and you hold their hand tight as if this would give it any meaning, when we both know it’s all about the hormonal cocktail succeeding. It’s one of those conventions, like saying “Hi how are you?” when you clearly have no interest or time to listen to the reply. Conventions. Like going to College, like wearing matching socks, being politically correct, conventions, like enjoying Radiohead or the Beatles, or like not admitting you got hurt. Stuff like that. Cultural conventions, like getting drunk on tequila shots, licking the salt and biting on the lemon.

Aren’t these things so dumb, tho? You’d be much happier if you stopped caring so much. You don’t even like the taste of tequila but that guy does and we gotta build rapport somehow. Rituals, you know what always makes things better tho? What makes you really understand what life is about and stop over thinking about this nonsense? What can always put a smile on your face?

Valium and vodka.


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