Mid life crisis

Everything is perfect in the immediate borders of my community. The world is beautiful and there is no fear; in here, there is no limit to what one can be, achieve, or experience. But the truth is that the ratio between the information we assimilate and the massive inflow available is just increasingly smaller and there’s no way around this fact. The world can seem perfect if we look at things only superficially, but once you question more, you push past the safety boundaries and you can you can see greater and greater cracks that lead to a much darker, real picture. I am deeply disturbed about what going on in this world as we stand, in middle of 2013. There are uprisings in virtually every country in the Arab Mediterranean region, there are serious threats to one’s privacy, there’s a failing monetary system, there are laws being passed that are complete product of lobbying from industries, there are serious violations of human rights happening every single day but the Royal baby was born, and he is called George. We are so easily distracted, easily persuaded to look the other way. Was Huxley completely spot on?

I have so many questions; what am I supposed to do? How can I do something? There’s an itch, there’s this constant uneasiness because it doesn’t feel right to close my eyes. But the more I think about this, the more questions I stumble upon. Behind each fact, behind each piece of information or report, I get are more questions. I can only construct fragments of answers, ideals that maybe make sense, strategies that don’t. I need to discuss this with someone.

Horrible things or how I spent 4 hours reading: http://www.reddit.com/r/syriancivilwar/comments/1j504o/video_of_rebel_atrocity_in_aleppo_51_saa/


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