Post modern battles

Culture and society have never had to adapt to change as quickly as in these recent past years. The concepts of distance, human interaction, reward, lifestyle, quality and length of life have undergone tremendous change, shifting towards territories that are rather random than premeditated and optimal.

We are bang in the middle of a social and cultural revolution with no distinct direction nor ideal. Looking at first world, developed countries, things are good enough for us to not struggle. And as such, I come to hypothesize that the current challenges we face are not the lack of options – in fact, it is the possibility to do anything, the extended responsibility we have over our limitless choices that paralyses us, often leading us to take completely senseless, random paths.

In the past, we had well defined motivations for change: uprises against oppressive rulings, Liberté, égalité, fraternité, the search for basic human rights, racial equality and gender equality, and the list goes on. What all these share is the property of being well defined, concrete objectives and ideals, furthermore, they came about as a need from (often) the majority of society. But, what we have now is good enough and most importantly, stable and comfortable enough. Perhaps, what we need to face in this contemporary framework is the fact we have to act as our own agents with own morals – we have to abandon flock mentality and define our own code of conduct. The real challenge here is to be an individual that stands on its own feet, finding its own motivation, struggle and purpose. To be able to separate oneself from a society that seems to be evolving under the criteria of chance and withstand the full weight of our choices.


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