Why I gave up thinking about ghosts

Recently I went to visit my father’s grave. When I do, I usually go with my mother and she always tells me to think of what I would like to tell my father because he will hear these thoughts.

Then I started thinking about it. More specifically, what’s the perception that an hypothetical ghost could have. What I mean is – consciousness and understanding are things that we develop through life. Often, in the end of one’s life, consciousness and understanding are not sharp anymore. Does this mean we have a lot of senile ghosts? I know this is a ridiculous statement, but what I want to explore is the fact that consciousness/personality, whatever constitutes a person beyond the purely physical appearance, is a construction – there isn’t an “optimal” state per say, where one resets to once they are gone.

So given this, I have decided that I will just salut his grave and remember the good memories I have of him. And hope that if anything transcendent exists, that such entities should not care nor try to interpret about our thoughts


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